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GHG Logistics Keeps Sushi
at the Peak of Freshness Tracking Sushi with Mobile Computers

Sushi Provider, Genji, brings distribution in-house, forming GHG Logistics. Learn how they keep things fresh, tracking inventory through racked refrigeration and freezer units with specialty mobile computers.

When it comes to a product as sensitive and delicate as sushi, quality, freshness and authenticity are critical. When Whole Foods began to open stores in Philadelphia, in 1997, they visited many local sushi restaurants to find the best and most authentic establishment, ultimately selecting Genji, a home-town favorite.

Today, Genji operates more than 135 sushi bar locations in 18 states, the District of Columbia and in the United Kingdom, and is the largest sushi vendor within the Whole Foods Market chain. Genji has also brought all distribution and transportation efforts in house forming GHG Logistics, a wholly owned subsidiary.

Read how GHG Logistics selected specialized mobile devices to track inventory throughout their 40,000 sqaure foot warehouse including racked refrigeration and freezer units at +38°F and -30°F.

“We haven’t seen any fogging on screens, and have had no issues with corrosion. Everything that was promised, they’ve lived up to.”
— Richard Siegfried, GHG Logistics, Senior Manager of Warehousing and Distribution

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